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ASLA Florida Election: Jacksonville Chair 

The ASLA Florida Executive Committee requests your vote for a 2023-24 Jacksonville Chair. Our Section Chairs coordinate all functions, events and activities of the Section and serve as voting members of our Executive Committee. 

Please cast your vote by Wednesday, October 4th.


Jacksonville Chair:

Aniran Asgarifard, PLA, ASLA

Passionate about the transformative power of landscapes, I am an accomplished landscape architect with a strong commitment to the field. With a diverse background and more than 6 years of experience in designing outdoor spaces, I am eager to contribute my skills and industry knowledge to serve as the Jacksonville Section Chair. 

Following my graduation from Virginia Tech with an MLA degree in 2016, I embarked on my career as a landscape designer in Maryland. Throughout this period, I have had the opportunity to design a wide range of projects, including residential and commercial spaces, offices, and public places. Through my work what inspired me the most was to be able to create spaces that can improve the quality of life for the users. Spaces that everyone would enjoy and feel welcomed. 

In early 2022, I relocated to Jacksonville, FL due to my husband’s position as an assistant professor at Jacksonville University. Since arriving here, I have been fascinated by the distinctive natural surroundings of Jacksonville. Currently, I work as a landscape designer at England-Thims & Miller, Inc., located in Jacksonville. My focus is on creating designs that benefit both people and the environment. I take pride in the projects I have been involved in and the positive transformations they have brought to communities. 

If I become the Jacksonville section chair, my goal is to build a strong and welcoming community. I want to bring together landscape architects, students, and other professionals to learn from each other. We will organize events, mentorship programs, and partnerships to spread the word about landscape architecture's importance. Together, we can make a positive impact on our region. 

I'm a landscape architect with a passion for creating amazing outdoor spaces. By becoming the Jacksonville Section Chair, I hope to inspire and support fellow professionals, while also showing people how landscape architecture can improve their lives. 

Click Here to view Aniran's full resume! 

Devin Butler, ASLA

Hi everyone! My name is Devin Butler, and I am running for the Jacksonville Section Chair for ASLA. My discovery of landscape architecture came about in a serendipitous moment during Freshman Orientation at UGA. My original pursuit was in graphic design, but their room was overcrowded. While waiting for space to clear, I decided to stop by the adjacent room for what I intended to be a brief conversation.

There, I met my advisor, Brad Davis, and had a conversation that changed the trajectory of my career and life. He passionately described the profession and gave me a tour of the College of Environment and Design (CED). I was captivated by the blend of environmental stewardship and artistic expression that landscape architecture offered. Without hesitation, I switched my major that same day.

During my time at CED, I discovered the Double Dawgs program through friends who shared a similar educational path. Recognizing the value of diversifying my knowledge, I pursued a master’s degree in urban planning alongside my landscape architecture degree. This dual approach complemented my undergraduate studies and allowed for a broader application of my skills. 

Through CED's annual career fair, I secured an internship with Ervin Lovett Miller (ELM), a national multidisciplinary design firm based in Jacksonville, Florida. Under their mentorship, I gained invaluable hands-on professional experience. After completing both degrees in 2021, I joined ELM full-time as an associate in landscape architecture.

At ELM, we practice planning, architecture, and landscape architecture together, essentially as a single discipline. This integrated approach allows me to work on a wide range of projects, from amenity centers to public parks. I have contributed to numerous initiatives that positively impact the clients and communities they serve. 

Over the years, I have immersed myself in our profession to expand my knowledge and relationships with professionals around the country. I see and understand the importance of building those relationships and am honored for the opportunity to facilitate that connection to the city of Jacksonville. Succeeding in this field requires a commitment to continuous learning, appreciating the knowledge of those who have come before you, and establishing meaningful relationships along the way. I hope you all will vote for me as the Jacksonville Section Chair for ASLA as I continue to work towards our profession’s success. 


Lead in promoting healthy and just communities through the design and stewardship of our natural and built environment.


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