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President-Elect (2021-2023)

Laurie Hall, PLA, ASLA

Laurie F. Hall, PLA, ASLA is the Director of Landscape Architecture for CHW Professional Consultants in Alachua, Florida, where over the last 15 years she has been involved in a wide range of community planning, multi-family residential, transportation, commercial, and campus projects throughout the Southern U.S.  Laurie is a graduate of the University of Florida Department of Landscape Architecture and has actively participated in panels, field trips, and workshops with both UF and FIU throughout her career.   She is an active member of ASLA, having served in multiple positions on the Florida Chapter Executive Committee, including two-terms as Chapter Treasurer, Conference Chair, and currently sits on the Women in Landscape Architecture PPN leadership team. 


Treasurer (2021-2023)

Sally E. Coyle, Principal, PLA, ASLA, CLARB


I am a cofounding principal with Coyle & Caron, a WBE and award-winning LA studio based in Orlando. Our practice is dedicated to creativity, design excellence, and collaboration. Our work includes multi-disciplinary teams in the design and planning of public and private places focused on environmental stewardship, species and habitat conservation, learning, social engagement, and play.

Since completing my MLA, I have been fortunate to remain involved in research, writing, travel and teaching including as a guest critic at University of California Berkeley, University of Florida, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Harvard GSD and as an instructor at Boston Architectural College, RISD and Harvard GSD.

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As a member of ASLA since 2000, I am dedicated to advancing our professional organization including our local chapter in Florida, for this reason I am nominating myself for a leadership position. BLA, University of Florida with honors, 1985 MLA, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, 1995 LA Licenses: Florida, Massachusetts, New York, and North Carolina

Richard Klar, PLA, ASLA


I began my formal landscape architecture education at the University of Arkansas in 1987 and finished my landscape architecture degree at the University of Wisconsin in May 1994 after a brief interruption of military service for Desert Storm. Post–graduation I worked various landscape jobs both in design and construction in Wisconsin and Missouri before moving to Kissimmee Florida in 1999.

I obtained licensure as a Professional Landscape Architect first in Missouri and later here in Florida.

Since 2001 I have worked in a worked in a small Civil Engineering firm in Osceola County as their sole Landscape Architect. My scope of work is diversified between municipal, school district, commercial and residential subdivision projects primarily in Osceola County and I have the benefit to see the positive impacts of my professional work within the community I serve.

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I currently serve on the City of Saint Cloud Historic Preservation Board and as the Congregation president of my church. Viewpoint: I believe that as a profession we must be engaged in advocating and protecting our professional value to our government officials in order to maintain our licensure status and ultimately protecting the health, safety and welfare for those whom we serve in our professional capacity as Landscape Architects. Service is what I offer to you, my fellow members of the Florida ASLA chapter, in the capacity of the Treasurer and I look forward to this opportunity to continue my service to this chapter.


Member-at-Large | Emerging Professionals (2021-2023)

Caro Rubio

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Sustainability and the Built Environment from the University of Florida in 2014. I joined the USDA-Rural Development Office in 2015 as an Area Specialist to their 502 and 504 affordable housing programs, conducting site inspections, working with contractors and serving the rural communities across Florida. After three years in the USDA, I joined a local government office as a city planning intern, conducting community meetings and working through land annexation processes alongside the city manager. While the financial and political sectors were extremely enriching to my overall understanding of the built environment industry, my curiosity in learning to design it became stronger. I took a leap of faith and began my Masters of Landscape Architecture at the University of Florida in 2018, which strongly prepared me to take on social and environmental challenges arising in the landscape. During my degree program, I dedicated a great amount of time in challenging myself, constantly questioning and strengthening my design abilities under societal and environmental pressures within each geographical context. I began recognizing tangible threats communities face on daily basis while using the built environment. I was part of two projects abroad that dealt with a form of community displacement due to socioeconomic pressures, which ultimately shaped my interest to merge sustainable design and social equity in landscape architecture. Today, I serve as a landscape designer at Dix.Hite & Partners with a huge enthusiasm and drive to continue working towards pushing boundaries within this field.


Member-at-Large | Leadership & Membership (2021 – 2023)

Dominic Mack , ASLA


Membership is the heart of a successful organization. The main focus for my term as the member-at-large would be to keep the chapter vibrant and strong through its promotional materials through a series of membership retention and recruitment efforts. As the current MAL for Public Relations + Marketing (MAL - PR+M), I hold a great sense of what materials can be used, as well as what platforms are available to promote not just the idea of membership, but ASLA and the profession, holistically. Being a member is the best way to keep abreast of industry trends locally and nationally, public and private, and by creating a partnership with the incoming MAL - PR+M, I can facilitate bridging the gap. Through preliminary research done at a national level, the trends for engagement on the membership level are slowly decreasing. Together, I believe we can grow our membership to be a collection of landscape architects, affiliates, and students with a louder, unified, and articulated voice. With my passion for our organization and profession, I hope to continue to lead as a member of your Executive Committee for the position of Member-at-Large for Leadership + Membership.

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A major contributor to my advancement in the profession has been my early involvement in the American Society of Landscape Architects. After serving several positions in the student chapter at FIU, I became greatly influenced by the organization’s goal to strive for advocacy and education. Upon graduation, I was very fortunate to continue my involvement by successfully pursuing ASLA Florida’s Broward Section Chair position. Throughout the time serving as the Broward Section Chair, I learned how important motivation and promotion truly are in running successful events that will inherently bring local landscape architects together and advance membership potential. Although short-lived (after only serving 7 months of a 2-year term), I was graciously approached to serve interim as your Member-at-Large for Public Relations + Marketing. Now holding the position for over 2 years, the untapped potential between two positions, Public Relations and Membership, is prevalent. I wish to continue to strive towards strengthening my connection to ASLA and grow through its resources. By doing so, I pledge to advocate for its potential to our current and future membership and contribute to dealing with our local and general quality-of-life issues. Selected Goals and Objectives: Create cohesion for membership efforts & unify gap between Executive Committee members, Update templates to track: new members, returning members, renewal reminders, and lapsed membership (partnering with: MAL - Public Relations and Marketing), Plan back to school events and graduating student events to recruit student members and convert graduating students to associates (partnering with: Section Chairs & MAL - Emerging Professionals), Participate in quarterly Membership Chair conference call (partnering with National and State Chairs), Creation of promotional material for elevator pitches and membership recruitment (partnering with MAL - Public Relations & Marketing), Build relationships with allied professionals (USGBC, APA, AIA)

Abigail Reimel, PLA, ASLA


Originally from Michigan, Abigail Reimel attended Michigan State University (MSU) where she earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. During her time at Michigan State, Abigail forged a path to serve as a member of the inaugural National Student Advisory Committee, where she assisted in rebuilding and shaping relationships with the more than 70 Student Chapters of the ASLA. In her second year with the committee, she was elected as the National Student Representative to the ASLA Board of Trustees. In this role, Abigail coordinated with state chapters for development of better engagement practices with student chapters through direct contact and support. These practices came with a focus on lending a voice to issues faced by students and emerging professionals on a national level, targeted recruitment for increasing diversity across student groups, and creating tangible value in membership for both young professional groups.

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In addition to her experience with students and emerging professionals, she is involved with several ASLA national committees including the 4 years with the Member Services Committee (2017-Present), State Licensure and Government Affairs Committee (2019-Present), Constitution and Bylaws Committee (2021-Present), Emerging Professional Committee (2017-2020), in addition to serving as a non-voting member of the ASLA Board of Trustees (2017). During her time with each committee, Abigail has been able to participate as part of the national teams working to bring together the over 6,000 licensed landscape architects that exist outside of the society, the review of the ASLA Constitution and Bylaws, as well as the teams providing membership value through licensure defense and professional development. Within three months of her initial involvement with the Florida Chapter, she stepped up to serve on the Executive Committee as the Broward Section Chair. With the support of a dedicated team, she facilitated the coordination of 21 events over 18 months including the annual PARK(ing) Day, Women’s Networking Webinar, multiple socials, Volunteer Events, and Firm Showcase Series. Since her term as Broward Section Chair has ended, she remains involved in the Broward Programming Committee. Abigail has also been involved in the planning and implementation of the 2019 ASLA Florida Conference as volunteer coordinator, 2020 National Conference on Landscape Architecture as the Host Booth co-chair, 2020 ASLA Florida Design Awards Jury as moderator and South Florida group leader, 2021 ASLA Florida Design Awards Jury as Site Host, the ongoing 2021 ASLA Florida Conference leading volunteer coordination and graphics development, and 2021 Florida ASLA Awards Gala Chair. GOALS & OBJECTIVES Her primary goal, if elected to the position of Member-at-Large for Leadership and Membership, is to bring together a wide range of landscape architects expanding on our local community of individuals built around a shared passion for landscape architecture. Casting a wider net to extend the reach to non-members through her network of relationships will allow for Abigail to springboard a much needed growth boost to our Membership. She will apply her understanding of how the Florida Chapter operates as a unique extension of the ASLA, especially within the realm of growing membership and advocacy to re-envision how this position can serve as a catalyst and platform to educate, grow, and engage the ASLA Florida Membership. As a member of the Executive Committee, she aims to offer insights from her national committee involvement to invigorate and contribute to the chapter leadership overarching mission and vision. At a local level, she will continue her involvement with the Broward Section to communicate and expand the value of membership across all levels of the profession. It would be an absolute honor to represent the ASLA Florida chapter as the Member-at-Large for Leadership and Membership for the upcoming term.


Member-at-Large | PR & Marketing (2021 – 2023)

Shaylin Castillo, ASLA


After two years of involvement with ASLA Florida as the MAL for Emerging Professionals, I’d like to continue my involvement as the Member-at-Large for Public Relations + Marketing. Being involved during the past few years working with students and recent graduates - I was able to gain experiences and connections while serving as the MAL for Emerging Professionals. While in that position I was able to provide resources for students and recent graduates by preparing them for licensure for the LARE by organizing webinars and educational seminars. Now running for the Member-at-Large for Public Relations + Marketing, I hope to hold a heavy foot on forward progress in promoting our Chapter and organization as a whole on social media. Continuing in this role will allow me to build momentum through executing all goals and objectives set forward such as growing the social media account and maximizing the visibility of the chapter by growing its online presence and outreachWith my passion for our organization and profession, I hope to continue to lead as your representative for the position of Member-at-Large for Public Relations + Marketing. Thank you!

Lauren Patterson, ASLA


Lauren received her masters in Landscape Architecture and minor in regional and community planning from Kansas State University in 2014. Lauren has worked on a wide variety of landscape architecture and planning projects throughout the US and has experience leading projects from large scale regional planning initiatives to detailed immersive designs. Her passion for the fields of landscape architecture and planning extend beyond her work through the education and outreach of the profession.

After being involved in a variety of professional organizations, Lauren became involved in ASLA to work to expand the knowledge and outreach for landscape architecture in the region. Lauren served as the DFW section chair for Texas ASLA from 2017-2019 and is currently on the Leadership Development Committee and Urban Design PPN committee for National ASLA. Lauren moved to Orlando Florida in 2019 and is apart of the Landscape Architecture team at Canin Associates. She loves taking regular weekend trips to the beach and exploring all of the destinations in Florida!


Daytona Beach Chair (2021 – 2023)

Lauren Adams, PLA, ASLA



I am a Florida Registered Landscape Architect, I am a Certified Arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture Project Management.  I am a member o the American Society of Landscape Architects. I am a member of the Florida Urban Forestry Council


Project Management, Land Planning, Land Use Documentation Site Planning, Planting Design Irrigation Design Hardscape Design Autocad, Photos hop, In Design, Sketchup, Hand Graphics, Digital Rendering ArcGIS, Microsoft Office


University of Florida - Bachelor of Landscape Architecture 


Gainesville Chair (2021 – 2023)

Lex Boenker

Lex Boenker has called Florida home since 2006. After growing up in Sarasota, she has spent the last 8 years in Gainesville where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Sustainability Studies and her Master’s in Landscape Architecture in 2020.

Lex is passionate about using design to help connect people to the beauty of their local environments. She is interested in how landscape architecture can be used as a tool to promote mental health and wellness. In her free time, she loves exploring all of the natural and cultural treasures Gainesville has to offer and tending to her garden and houseplants."


Jacksonville Chair (2021 – 2023)

Ivy Henderson, ASLA


Since being with the City I have been able to make various impacts in the City’s Parks System. Within the year I have been placed in charge of managing all design projects, improvements and upgrades made to the parks on the Northside of the St. Johns River. Through my work I have been able to create spaces and improve existing amenities that can improve the quality of life of those in these communities. Outside of my everyday job, I work with neighborhood leaders, non-profits and developers in the redevelopment of The Historic Eastside Neighborhood in Jacksonville. During my time at UF I created a community redevelopment plan for the Eastside Neighborhood and was able to present it to the community shortly after graduation. I have been able to be on projects that will change the Eastside neighborhood, with my most recent project being the design of an outdoor educational and entertainment space for The Brotherhood Society.

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As Jacksonville Section Chair, I would be able to take what I am learning and continue to push the section into greater heights and into spaces that we have yet reached. Not only will members be able to network with like-minded individuals, there will also be opportunities for network building with City officials and employees, creating a greater presence and understanding of Landscape Architecture. Through community service, advocacy, and philanthropic events members will also be able to connect with various types of communities and learn different perspectives that is imperative to our work as Landscape Architects. I look forward to potential opportunity to give back to the City of Jacksonville as FLASA Jax Section Chair. As a native of Jacksonville, I have high hopes for the transformation and improvements that can be made in the City by this section. The love I have for the outdoors and those less fortunate have been a part of who I am since a very early age. When stumbling across the profession of Landscape Architecture early on, I knew that this was my calling. During my time at the University of Florida, I learned, I could help transform, inspire and improve the quality of life of those in undeserved communities. Since graduating from the with my Bachelor of Landscape Architecture I began my career as a Landscape Designer with the City of Jacksonville in the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department.


Miami Chair (2021 – 2023)

Maria Counts, BSLA, MLA, ASLA


Maria Debije Counts is a partner of StudioCounts, artist, designer, professor, and author in landscape architecture. Her work seeks to expand the experiential range of landscapes as agents of well-being at the scale of the site. She often uses vibrant colors, exciting textures, and pays careful attention to sound in her work. She was a 2018 Van Alen Grant awardee for her project, “Sonic City: Visualizing Spaces in Urban Places” that explored interpreting the acoustics of urban gardens and parks and expressing them visually. She is a past Visiting Artist of the American Academy in Rome, Italy and a Rudy J. Favretti Fellow (Garden Club of America, Virginia Chapter), and a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

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Previously, she worked for Reed Hilderbrand in Boston, Perkins & Will, and the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Maria enjoys giving back to the profession and local community. She was recently appointed as an advisory board member to the Landscape and Beautification Board for the City of Coral Gables by Commissioner Rhonda Anderson. She is a past board member of the USGBC (South Florida Chapter) and past elected Regional Director to the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) for two regions. She is currently running for the position of Miami Chair for ASLA Florida. Maria’s professional and student work is award winning. She has received national ASLA honor awards in Communications, Analysis & Planning and Residential Design categories. She has been published in three of the Representing Landscapes series books edited by Nadia Amoroso including Representing Landscapes: Analogue (2019), Representing Landscapes: Hybrid (2016) and Representing Landscapes: Digital (2015), The Making of Place: Modern and Contemporary Gardens by John Dixon Hunt (2016) and wrote the Miami chapter in the forthcoming book titled, Landscape Architecture for Mitigating Sea Level Rise: Innovative Global Solutions (Routledge). Maria takes pride in her ability to motivate others around her to want to be the best they can be. She also believes that good design is not an accident and enjoys training and educating future leaders in the profession through her teaching and nonprofit Landscape Skills Inc. She is Adjunct Professor at Florida International University where she teaches advanced courses on design principles, planting, theory, computer-aided design and representation. Previously, she held positions at Clemson University, Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, New York University, the City College of New York, and Penn State. She is also a regular guest critic and lecturer at leading institutions across the globe such as Yale, Parsons, and more. She has recently been selected as a professional juror for the GADA 2021 (Global Architecture & Design Awards) and ASLA Florida Chapter state awards. She is also a past 2020 WLA (World Landscape Architecture) international critic. Maria holds a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University and a Master of Landscape Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Valeria Quintanilla

Valeria Quintanilla is a Peruvian born and raised emerging professional in landscape architecture. She got her master's degree in Landscape Architecture + Environmental & Urban design from Florida International University in 2018. She's currently working at the City of Coral Gables - Greenspace Management Division as the Greenspace Management Coordinador. On her job, Valeria is responsible of the operation & management of various open spaces in the city, she's project manager for continuous landscape improvement projects throughout the city and she's also a Landscape plan reviewer.

Since Valeria graduated, she's been giving back to her university by participating as a studio reviewer for FIU student's studio projects, giving her feedback based on the public realm and native plant species. She has also helped local organizations like the Girls Scout, Coral Gables Garden Club and Coral Gables High school with native plant recommendations and planting trees for the community. 

Out of work, Valeria enjoys biking, kayaking, and exploring South Florida, spending time with nature and finding good food spots.


Southwest Florida Chair (2021 – 2023)

Taylor Maggiorani 

Taylor Maggiorani was born and raised in North Dakota where she attended the Landscape Architecture program at North Dakota State University. As a student, she grew passionate in environmental and ecological design, 3D modeling and graphic design. Taylor was also a part of the student ASLA chapter where she served as secretary. She enjoyed planning, coordinating, and attending events hosted by the chapter. Following graduation, Taylor received the opportunity to move to Fort Myers, FL. She was excited to explore the broad tropical plant palette and sunshine state. In her free time, Taylor loves to cook, paint, spend time with her family, grow her plant collection and be on the ocean. She is very grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Southwest Florida Section Chair.


Tampa Chair (2021 – 2023)

Garrett Noble, PLA, ASLA


As the section chair, I would like to follow the precedent set before me by continuing to expand our knowledge base as professionals educationally and experientially. This can be accomplished through several different avenues including social events, presentations from manufacturers and others in the industry, site visits of built works, etc. Along with these practical ways, we can learn from each other as we all provide such a diverse background through our personal and professional experiences. It’s truly a small world out there and getting to know each other better will benefit us all in many ways now and in the future.

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Growing up in a suburb of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, I always had a passion for the outdoors. I enjoyed being immersed in nature, never being one to spend much time indoors. I also had a passion for drawing as a kid, and little did I know, those two passions would end up shaping into my career in landscape architecture. Early on in college, I wasn’t entirely sure what vocation I wanted to pursue. I had started a lawn care and landscaping business in high school and I really enjoyed that work, so after searching the internet for related degrees, I discovered landscape architecture and realized it was the perfect combination of the things I was passionate about. Throughout college, one of the particular areas of landscape architecture that I became very interested in was land planning and community design. I loved the analysis and broad thinking that community planning took, and I knew I wanted to be a part of creating places where people could thrive. Fast forward a few years; I graduated college, met my soon-to-be wife shortly after, and then got married in 2016. A few months later, we decided to pick up and leave the only place I had ever known. Tampa became home for us in the summer of 2017 and we have truly loved every minute of it. I am currently working for Clearview Land Design, where I have the privilege of bringing that vision from college to life. I get to work on community design projects large and small, from the zoning and land planning efforts all the way down to the construction details. I’m excited for the future of the Tampa Bay area and feel very blessed to be a part of the vision of that future.


Lead in promoting healthy and just communities through the design and stewardship of our natural and built environment.


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