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ASLA Florida Scholarship Opportunities

Mike Oliver Scholarship

This scholarship award is available yearly for a young professional who is currently pursuing their licensure in the state of Florida and will assist in covering some the costs of the LARE review prep course. Applications close Monday, June 10, 2024. To learn more about Mike Oliver and his devotion to the profession of Landscape Architecture, watch this short video

Other requirements are as follows:

  1.  Active member of the ASLA Florida Chapter.
  2.  Planning on attending at least one of the ASLA Florida on-demand LARE Review Seminars.
  3.  In 300 words or less, provide a short essay in PDF or Microsoft Word format, describing your background, current educational pursuits, future plans, other personal interests or activities, brief statement of your financial needs, why you should be considered for this scholarship and how it will help carry on some of the areas that Mike Oliver extended himself to the advancement of his profession and service to the community.  The essay should be no more than two pages with margins of at least 1”, 12-point or larger font, and no images or graphics.


LAF Career Discover Scholarship

This Scholarship is available for up to two (2) young professionals that are currently enrolled in an LAAB-accredited landscape architecture program at a university in the state of Florida.

Other requirements are as follows:

1. Undergraduate students in their first 3 years, or 
2. Master's students seeking a first professional degree in landscape architecture (cannot hold an undergraduate degree in landscape architecture)

Candidates should exemplify the ideals of landscape architecture in scholarship, service, and ethics and show promise in the fields of landscape architectural design or research. Candidates are evaluated based on their commitment to the profession of landscape architecture, leadership, service and volunteerism, design ability, academic aptitude, and financial need.

Click here for more information on the LAF Scholarship


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