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The ASLA Florida Design Awards Program encourages the advancement, expansion, and recognition of the Landscape Architecture profession by honoring projects that blend environmental and artistic principles that emphasize beauty, function, and the sustainability.

The Frederic B. Stresau Award is named in honor of Fred Stresau, who is considered by many to be the father of Florida Landscape Architecture. The award is bestowed annually by the ASLA Florida jury to the professional award of excellence recipient that best exhibits innovation and design excellence. These works are truly exceptional and collectively contribute to enhance our body of knowledge. 

2023 Recipient: 

The Bay: “One Park for All” in Sarasota | Agency Landscape + Planning

About the Project: 

A compelling first phase following an unprecedented and inclusive master planning process, The Bay is the City of Sarasota’s first signature waterfront park. Located where the city’s iconic Boulevard of the Arts meets the Sarasota Bay, The Bay is a living demonstration of 21st century sustainability principles, a memorable community gateway to and on the water, and, in its craft, a loving reflection of Sarasota’s unique natural and cultural context. This 10-acre park brings together active, changing spaces for Sarasota’s diverse community, regional trail and mobility connections, and intimate places of deep nature immersion within the City.

2022 Recipient: 

Bringing Community Back to Fort Lauderdale Beach | EDSA - Fort Lauderdale

About the Project: 

The primary purpose of the Las Olas Corridor Improvement Plan was to give space back to the community in a healthy, sustainable way. By consolidating three surface lots into one parking structure, almost nine and a half acres of waterfront real estate was converted into active public realm. Activation through city events, a park, waterfront promenade, and flexible open spaces now provide residents and tourists with opportunities for public engagement.

Fully native gardens were planted in the park, creating a sanctuary for pollinator and animal species, while stormwater treatment was significantly improved by harvesting rainwater for public restrooms and allowing natural percolation. This project also looked outside the parcel boundaries and relocated almost 100 trees and palms to other parks and streetscapes, benefiting several districts throughout the city.

From an environmental policy perspective, the dual board lighting fixtures are the first to be approved by a local environmental protection agency and a wildlife conservation agency on a timeclock, which balances public use with turtle nesting sites– bringing both communities back to Fort Lauderdale Beach.

2021 Recipient: 

The Captain Leonard Destin Park | Wood+Partners & Kimley Horn

About the Project: 

In April 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico— an environmental disaster known as the worst in the nation’s history. British Petroleum paid $17 billion to fund restoration and land protection throughout the Gulf region. A portion of this funding was responsible for the creation of Captain Leonard Destin Park. Before the park, the area lacked public entry for residents to access water, play, or socialize on the waterfront. This park includes a boardwalk, paddle-craft launch, fishing pier, playground, splash pad feature, and beach access. The vision for the park preserves and protects the natural features of the site, including the existing heron rookery, while embracing the historical significance as Captain Leonard Destin’s homestead and providing resilient solutions. Nestled in the residential fabric of Destin, Florida, the park represents a lifestyle that revolves around access to the Choctawhatchee Bay. Materials are familiar while the patterns and spaces reflect the rhythm of tidal currents. The park design translates the historic and natural features into a contemporary environment for social gathering.

2020 Recipient: 

Urban Modern | Michael A. Gilkey, Inc.

About the Project: 

The Urban Modern was a true collaboration between architect, builder, landscape architect and client. The site is on two adjacent lots in a bustling urban neighborhood. To the east is a busy collector street. Privacy and noise abatement were important to the clients, while maintaining interactivity with the neighborhood.  The Urban Modern Project preserved two existing majestic trees during the design of the home: a banyan, which provides a stunning focal point upon arrival, and a grand live oak, around which the entry courtyard was designed. Walking through the home and into the backyard, one can experience the stunning sculpture garden which beautifully captures and creates light and shadow.  Moving through the landscape, one is anchored by the bold spine of sea grape which abuts the pool, creating a soft backdrop of privacy for the surrounding decks.

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A second kinetic sculpture is sited between the two structures, and draws the eye once again to the canopy of the Banyan tree beyond. Outside of the pool area, meandering paths lead to four gathering spaces: an event lawn, a pollination garden, a bird garden centered around a preserved Lychee tree, and through a canopy of color to the bocce court. A final whimsical sculpture punctuates this connected sequence. The plant palette is largely native and 100% Florida Friendly, and features species which attract native pollinators and native and migratory birds. The irrigation system is Waterwise and low volume, and zoned to conserve water beyond the establishment phase. Additionally, a bold low voltage landscape lighting design absolutely transforms this home at night, creating striking shadows against the hardscape. This project was completed by the Michael A. Gilkey, Inc. Firm in conjunction with Lead Architects, Guy Peterson and Damien Blumetti, from the Guy Pertson office for Architecture. Murray Homes was the builder of the Urban Modern project and RyanGamma with Ryan Gamma Photography captured the project beautifully. The ASLA Florida Chapter and the 2020 jurors would like to congratulate to all involved on this special project.

2019 Recipient: 

Designing the Pulse Interim Memorial - Mending A Community  Dix.Hite+Partners

About the Project: 

In response to the community’s desire for a comforting space to mourn the Pulse Nightclub tragedy, the Landscape Architect, in conjunction with a team of stakeholders, created a vision for a temporary memorial to serve the community until a permanent memorial was built. The design is inspired by patterns of use observed on the site prior to construction and the vibrancy of the original nightclub. Directing the flow of movement, using artful lighting, focusing interaction, and addressing the groundplane were key elements to the design approach. Since opening in May 2018, the interim memorial has received over 55,000 visits. Visitors leave gifts in the offering walls, write notes on the message panel, meander along the graphic ribbon wall, witness areas of the damaged building, and share moments of reflection on the “love seats.” What was once a fenced-off crime scene is now a welcoming space providing the community with a place to heal.


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